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Path to the Spirits - Japan's Kumano Kodo Trail | Great Walks Magazine, June/July 2023

Overland: From Australia to Switzerland
(Over 8600 copies sold)

Goodreads (4.3/5)
"I felt like I was on his journey with him"

"His writing puts you right in the midst of whatever crazy situation or beautiful vista he's in"

Amazon (4.5/5)
"I am always amazed at the books that get hundreds of glowing reviews that just seem to have little substance- and then the very good books that are completely overlooked. This is one of the latter- a really good book that should be read by many."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the places that were described as if I was there, very well written in an everyday person's language."



​For precision, the Sapphire Clock outshines even the best atomic clocks | IEEE Spectrum, 24 June 2021

Russia's pipeline project across Mongolia is picking up steam
 | Mongolia Weekly, 01 March 2021

How to kick start Mongolia's net-zero carbon economy | Mongolia Weekly, 16 February 2021

Boeing’s Autonomous Fighter Jet Will Fly Over the Australian Outback | IEEE Spectrum, 02 January 2020



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