Editor - Mongolia Weekly

Associate Editor - Yaffa Media

Co-Founder - Taiga Travel Mongolia

about me
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I'm the editor of Mongolia Weekly, a media start-up providing English-language news and analysis of Mongolia for a professional audience.
I'm also the associate editor for ADM and have written on science and geopolitics for IEEE Spectrum, the ASPI Strategist, the Lowy Interpreter, the East Asia Forum, and more.
I also have experience in consulting and commercial intelligence.


I am a co-founder of Taiga Nomadic Travel alongside my friend Bataa, who has an extensive professional background in marketing and tourism.

I also wrote the book 'Overland' about my travels from Australia to Switzerland without flying, a journey that involved buying a small motorcycle in Mongolia and riding it to Europe. 'Overland' is available as an eBook and in paperback.
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I'm available for freelance writing opportunities at a competitive rate.

I also offer bespoke intelligence to commercial clients on high-capital programs in Australia and Asia. 

Please get in touch by email:

ewen.levick (at) gmail.com.