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Ewen Levick
geopolitics & travel writing

November 26, 2019

Where are you from? For most people it’s a simple question, usually the first one we ask after learning someone's name. So why does it often make humans kill each other?

November 18, 2019

Forty years ago, Steve Jobs walked into a long concrete office building in Palo Alto, California. Jobs saw the computer—the Xerox Alto—and was amazed. But why weren't Xerox doing anything with it?

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I'm a journalist and author based in Australia. I write about geopolitics - how human relations are shaped and practiced - and personal adventures.
I wrote the book 'Overland' about my travels from Australia to Switzerland without flying, a journey that involved buying a small motorcycle in Mongolia and riding it to Europe. 'Overland' is available as an eBook and in paperback.
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I'm the online editor for ADM and a freelance contributor to the ASPI Strategist, the Lowy Interpreter, the East Asia Forum, IEEE Spectrum, and more. I've also consulted to the Australian Department of Defence.
I'm available for freelance opportunities at a competitive rate. I have experience in features, opinions, press releases, podcasts, public speaking, and more. Please get in touch by email:
ewen.levick (at) gmail.com.