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      About Shunteng

      About us

      Zhoushan Shunteng Screw Manufacturing Co., Ltd

      Zhoushan Shunteng Screw Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Jintang Town, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the largest screw and barrel production base in China, is close to Shanghai and adjacent to Ningbo Zhoushan port, an internationally famous deepwater wharf.
      The company specializes in the design, development and manufacture of all kinds of rubber and plastic extruders and injection molding machine's central components, barrel and screw. The products are widely applicable to all kinds of rubber machinery: plate, sheet and profile machinery; film blowing and bag making machinery; food, pharmaceutical and feed machinery; packing belt machinery; foaming and pelletizing machinery; wire drawing and papermaking machinery, etc.
      The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, strict selection of high-quality raw materials, to ensure the quality of products.
      The company undertakes surveying and mapping, design, transformation and repair and batch processing business, making full use of advanced screw design technology and technology, so that customers can obtain high-yield, high-quality and low-cost products!
      Our services

      Professional manufacturer

      We produce and sell injection molding machine barrel screw, nitriding machine barrel, double alloy machine barrel, cone double machine barrel screw, flat double machine barrel screw, nitriding screw, electroplating screw, PTA crown spray welding screw, double alloy full melt injection screw, optical screw, halogen-free screw, full hard screw, coating screw

      Pre sales services

      We provide professional screw suggestions for customers, save the cost and time of customers, and achieve the optimal use cost of screw and barrel

      After-sale service

      We will provide customers with professional screw and barrel maintenance services

      You can contact us for any screw or cylinder related requirements

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